Club de Convergentes

Club de Convergentes




CLUB DE CONVERGENTES is the strongest voice in the on-going dialogue with regional gambling authorities throughout Spain.

Founded in 2015, CLUB DE CONVERGENTES includes most of the main producers of gambling machines and related systems in Spain. Our principal objective consists in holding a constructive dialogue with the different regulatory bodies to maintain a stable and efficient legal environment for the activities of our members. This refers to regulatory requirements for gambling machines, accounting and jackpot systems, payment methods, access controls, etc. In addition, we intent to establish and maintain a positive and professional image of our industry.

In collaboration with the Platform for Sustainable Gambling, CLUB DE CONVERGENTES is also a leader in corporate social responsibility and responsible gaming in Spain. The FES Project (, a social action aimed at preventing adolescent gaming and gambling addiction, has been received with great enthusiasm and success. Our aim is to continue our efforts to participate in the implementation of reasonable measures and initiatives to reduce the potential negative external effects of our activity.


In order to guarantee a sustainable future for our industry, CLUB DE CONVERGENTES also collaborates strongly with the different Spanish associations of operators of gaming venues, both on  national and regional level.

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