28002 – MADRID – SPAIN


President : José Vall Royuela
Secretario General : Juan Lacarra Albizu


Spanish Association of Operators of Amusement Equipment

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    Asociación Española de Fabricantes de Máquinas Recreativas y de Juego (ASESFAM)

    Plaza de Cronos, 4
    28037 Madrid – SPAIN

    President : María José Gallardo
    Secretario General : Alejandro de Rafael


    Spanish Association of Manufacturers of Amusement Equipment

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      Confederación Española de Empresarios del Juego Recreativo en Hostelería (COFAR)


      4º Serrano 43, planta 7 oficina 11
      28001 – Madrid – SPAIN

      President : Carlos Duelo
      Secretario General : José Sánchez-Fayos


      In 1994 the Confederation of Associations and Federations of Coin-Op Industry (COFAR) was formed, aimed at bringing together the different autonomous associations in the Coin-Op Industry.

      Almost all the Autonomous Communities are today represented at COFAR, and in addition it is represented in all the sub-sectors: Manufacturing, Operations, Marketing, Amusement Arcades, Auxiliary Industry and Leisure and Family Centres.

      The key objective of the Confederation is to defend the interests of the Industry, and also to represent it before the different administrations that have competence in the matter, whether in tax, administrative or any other subject.

      It has an Advisory Commission formed by Technical Secretaries of the different member Associations, in addition to a complete team of external consultants. They all meet periodically to study the projects of new regulations and to analyse the problem at each moment, proposing the best solutions in defence of the interests of the Industry.

      In addition, once a year COFAR organises a National Congress, attended by business people and representatives from the Administration with a view to discussing the current importance of the Industry from time to time.

      Talks are held at the Congress by renowned national and foreign celebrities and round tables are also given with persons responsible for Gaming at the different Autonomous Communities and Central Administration.

      COFAR sponsors a monthly magazine, Homerus as means of expression, containing all the latest developments in the Industry to keep its readers accurately informed about all the news concerning the Gaming Industry.

      COFAR also has a Reciprocal Guarantee Corporation (FIANZAS Y SERVICIOS FINANCIEROS, S.G.R.) aimed at facilitating all companies in the industry the procurement of the necessary guarantees to exercise their business.

      Legislation :

      For further information (only in Spanish) please go to : Comisión Nacional del Juego

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