Become an Association Member


Membership in EUROMAT is open to those European national associations that are concerned with any type or types of gaming and amusement devices, and are:

  • legally constituted in accordance with the laws and practices of their respective countries, regardless of whether they operate within or outside the EU;
  • autonomous and in all respects completely independent;
  • functioning at national level and are recognized in their country as being representative of a substantial proportion of the gaming and amusement devices sector, or of a particular sector of the gaming and amusement devices business in that country; and
  • in the case of an association established in a country that is already represented in the Federation by one or more other associations concerned with the gaming and amusement devices business, has been in existence for not less than three years.

By affiliating to EUROMAT, member associations

  • Receive a monthly policy update, legal tracker and our monthly newsletter with up-to-date information on legislative developments, both at European and national levels, that are relevant to the gaming sector;
  • Receive ad-hoc alerts on regulatory developments;
  • Receive ad-hoc announcements on matters relevant to their Association’s interests;
  • Get access to the members-only section of the EUROMAT website, containing an archive of past newsletters, news items, meeting documents, industry data and country reports, as well as many other useful resources;
  • Provide input into EUROMAT positions and work programme via policy updates;
  • Have their own interests represented towards the European Institutions and other international bodies;

National associations fulfilling the membership criteria that are interested to join EUROMAT shall submit the following documents to the EUROMAT Secretariat:

The application will be reviewed and approved by the Executive Committee, subject to ratification by the General Assembly at its next meeting. Applications submitted by an association established in a country that is already represented in EUROMAT by one or more associations, will be reviewed by the Executive Committee in consultation with the existing Member Association/s.