Dircksenstrasse 49
D – 10178 – Berlin – GERMANY

Honorary President: Mr Paul Gauselmann

Chairman of the Board: Dr. Daniel Henzgen, Manfred Stoffers

Chief Executive: Lars Rogge

Treasurer: Theo Kiesewetter

The VDAI represents and articulates the interests of the German coin-op manufacturers towards the Bundestag, federal parliaments, ministries and the public. Representatives of the association are active in numerous departments of other organisations, for example in the Federation of German Industries (BDI) and in the “Institut der Deutschen Wirtschaft” (IW). The VDAI provides information for its members about economic trends at home and abroad, statutory matters of importance and developments in parliament. The VDAI supports its members. For example: It handles technical matters requiring a Technical Committee and tunes the coordination of external image with its colleagues from the other coin-op associations. The members of the VDAI are informed about economic facts, trends on the coin-op machine market and through customer behavior statistics provided by the association. The VDAI has compilations of material on matters relating to the coin-op industry, on different legal questions and on problematic gambling behavior. The VDAI is a supporting organisation of the Self-Regulating Committee for Video Games (ASK). ASK examines coin-operated video machines concerning the legal point of view relating to the protection of minors. Since 2013 the tasks of the committee are embedded in the Youth Protection Law. The VDAI is a member of the umbrella organisation “Die Deutsche Automatenwirtschaft e.V.”, established in 2013. This membership optimizes the work of the top associations for representing the interests of the whole branch.

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Am Weidendamm 1A
D -10117 – Berlin – GERMANY

Presidents: Mr. Thomas Breitkopf
Vice-President and Treasurer: Mr. Gundolf Aubke
Vice President: Ms Johanna Bergstein
Vice President: Mr Freddy Fischer

Vice President: Ms Julia Voß

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