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This section is dedicated to press and media articles on the Gaming Summit 2017 published online and by our Media Partners throughout Europe.


You will find further news items and announcements on the EUROMAT LinkedIn profile and Twitter account (hashtag: #GamingSummit2017).

Proceedings of Gaming Summit 2017 now available here!

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Euromat: ‘Innovation comes through creativity and dialogue’

(Published by Totally Gaming)

Hotel und Ticket jetzt sichern!

(Published by games&business)

Summit-Tickets ab sofort

(Published by Automaten MARKT)

Jetzt buchen und 50 Euro sparen

(Published by GAMES&BUSINESS)

EUROMAT y Daw organizarán su Gaming Summit en Berlín

(Published by SECTOR del JUEGO)

Euromat y la alemana DAW se unen para el Gaming Summit 2017

(Published by AZAR plus)

Gaming Summit 2017. EUROMAT e DAW uniscono le forze

(Published by Press Giochi)


(Published by Gioco News)

Euromat and Deutsche Automatenwirtschaft team up for summit

(Published by Coinslot)

EUROMAT and DAW Join Forces: join 500 professionals from the land-based gaming sector in Berlin on June 1st

(Published by Jamma)

EUROMAT and DAW Join Forces

(Published by GAME Spectrum)

Euromat Gaming Summit 2017 in Berlin

(Published by Games & Business on 30 May 2016)

Valentina Dobre, Vicepresedinte ROMSLOT – singurul speaker din Romania la EUROMAT Gaming Summit

(Published by Romslot on 9 June 2016)

EUROMAT holds successful Gaming Summit in Barcelona

(Published by Zona de Azar on 30 May 2016)

EUROMAT apuesta por el juego presencial frente al online

(Published by Sector del Juego on 30 May 2016)

Regulators from across Europe feature at the Euromat Gaming Summit 2016

(Published by Gioco news on 30 May 2016)

Regulators from across Europe feature at the Euromat Gaming Summit 2016

(Published by Game Spectrum on 30 May 2016)

Regulators from across Europe feature at the Euromat Gaming Summit 2016

(Published by Yogonet on 30 May 2016)

Regulators from across Europe feature at the Euromat Gaming Summit 2016

(Published by Bursa on 27 May 2016)

Antoja (Euromat): “Gioco terrestre in primo piano a patto che regolamentazione evolva da pari passo alla tecnologia”

(Published by Press Giochi on 27 May 2016)

Saopstenje EUROMATA-a: Regulators from across Europe feature at the EUROMAT Gaming Summit 2016

(Published by Montenegro Bet on 26 May 2016)


(Published by Casino Magazine on 24 May 2016)

EUROMAT closed a successfull edition

(Published by Focus Gaming News on 30 May 2016)

Regulators take center stage at Euromat Gaming Summit 2016

(Published by Casino City Times on 13 May 2016)

Spain – Regulators take centre stage at Euromat Gaming Summit 2016

(Published by Newswire on 9 May 2016)

Gauselmann prominent at Euromat event

(Published by InterGame on 6 May 2016)

EUROMAT Gaming Summit 2016 – Looking back at the Summit in Barcelona

(Published by Gaming in Holland on 28 May 2016)

Euromat Gaming Summit, partecipano anche i Monopoli di Stato

(Published by Gioconews on 11 April 2016)

EUROMAT to Host Second Annual Gaming Summit in May

(Published by VegasMaster on 5 March 2016)

Kieran O’Keeffe, Secretary General of EUROMAT: “Romania is an exciting market!”

(Published in Casino Inside on 18 February 2016)

De no haber sido por EUROMAT el Juego en Hostelería estaría hoy sujeto a las leyes anti-blanqueo

(Published in AZAR plus on 15 February 2016)

May 26, EUROMAT’s 2016 Gaming Summit in Barcelona

(Published in GamingInHolland on 11 February 2016)

Euromat Gaming Summit im Mai in Barcelona

(Published in AutomatenMarkt on 28 January 2016)

Euromat Gaming Summit, aperte le registrazioni

(Published in Jamma on 12 January 2016)

Euromat. Per EGS sette tavole rotonde per parlare di giochi; per l’Italia ci sarà Vitaliano Casalone di Inspired

(Published in PRESSGIOCHI on 28 December 2015)

Barcelona acogerá la segunda cumbre de EUROMAT

(Published in Tu Diario de Apuestas on 15 December 2015)

Euromat summit moves to Barcelona

(Published in InterGame on 11 December 2015)

PRESS RELEASE – Barcelona confirmed for EUROMAT’s 2016 Gaming Summit

(EUROMAT, 11 December 2016)

Carlos Hernández participará en la Cumbre de EUROMAT en Barcelona

(Published in Sector del Juego on 11 December 2015)

Euromat. Work in progress per il Gaming Summit di Barcellona

(Published in Jamma on 10 December 2015)

Dutch gaming regulator inks deal with media to limit illegal online gambling ads

(Published in CalvinAyre on 5 June 2015)

Kieran O’Keeffe (Segretario Generale Euromat ):”I governi rispettino un limite nell’imposizione delle tasse o le conseguenze per il settore giochi saranno significative”

(Published in PinBet on 29 May 2015)

Online gaming dominates summit

(Published in InterGame on 29 May 2015)

Eduardo Antoja apre i lavori di Euromat Gaming Summit

(Published in Jamma on 29 May 2015)

Summit Euromat: Antoja torna presidente della Federazione, White il vice

(Published in Gioconews on 28 May 2015)

Holland igaming regulation: “Transition is never easy,” says Klaas Dijkhoff

(Published in iGamingBusiness on 28 May 2015)

EGS 2015. Dijkhoff (Segr, Stato): “Nuove regole in arrivo su apparecchi da gioco, online e casinò”

(Published in PressGiochi on 28 May 2015)

EGS 2015. Kieran O’Keeffe (Segr. Euromat): “Ok competere con l’online, ma a parità di condizioni”

(Published in PressGiochi on 28 May 2015)

Coin-op. Al via l’Euromat Gaming Summit. Kok (Pres. onorario): “Riaccendiamo i riflettori sul gioco terrestre”

(Published in PressGiochi on 28 May 2015)

Nizozemská kasina protestují proti „diskriminaci“ v daňových sazbách

(Published in Sazeni on 22 May 2015)

EUROMAT vs. Holland on Dutch iGaming Tax Legislation

(Published in CSB on 18 May 2015)

EUROMAT files Dutch tax rate complaint

(Published in SBC News on 15 May 2015)

EUROMAT denuncia al Gobierno Holandés por los descarados beneficios que proporciona al Juego Online

(Published in AzarPlus on 13 May 2015)

Euromat denuncia al Gobierno holandés por beneficiar al juego online

(Published in Yogonet on 13 May 2015)

High iGaming Tax Rate For Online Operators in Holland Has Euromat Taking the Government To Court

(Published in GamingZion on 12 May 2015)

Euromat takes Dutch state aid case to Brussels

(Published in InterGame on 11 May 2015)

Euromat. Il presidente Kok: “Regolamentazione e fiscalità dovranno essere gli strumenti per tutelare il gioco terrestre”

(Published in on 4 May 2015)

Наземные казино — главная тема на предстоящей конференции в Амстердаме

(Published in NewsOfGaming on 24 April 2015)

Land-based gamimng takes centre stage

(Published in on 23 April 2015)

Euromat Gaming Summit, il 28 maggio Amsterdam diventa capitale del gioco

(Published in on 22 April 2015)

Euromat: Frühbucherrabatt bis 17. April

(Published in GamesUndBusinessOnline on 15 April 2015)

El Programa del Congreso de EUROMAT incorpora a dos personalidades más de la Industria Española

(Published in AzarPlus on 13 April 2015)

Euromat Gaming Summit. Il mondo del gioco si incontra il 28 maggio ad Amsterdam

(published in PressGiochi, 8 April 2015)

Antoja (Euromat): “L’apparecchio a vincita protagonista assoluto del prossimo Congresso di EUROMAT”

(published in on 7 April 2015)

Ningún Regulador Europeo puede evitar el fraude Online y ni siquiera son capaces de valorarlo

(published in AzarPlus, 7 April 2015)

EUROMAT: il 28 maggio ad Amsterdam un summit dedicato al gioco fisico

(published in GiocoNews, 6 April 2015)

Euromat Gaming Summit: Am 28. Mai 2015 findet der Kongress des Europäischen Verbandes der Unterhaltungsautomatenwirtschaft (Euromat) statt

(published in GamesUndBusinessOnline, 1 April 2015)

Euromat to run conference

(published in InterGame, 6 March 2015)

Primul EUROMAT Gaming Summit va avea loc pe 28 mai la Amsterdam

(Published in CasinoInside on 6 March 2015)