Euromat Welcomes Crown Technologies, Faro Games and JVH Gaming as Corporate Members

Following the  launch of its new Corporate Membership Category, the European Gaming and Amusement Federation (Euromat) is pleased to welcome three established names in the low stakes gaming and amusement business: Crown Technologies, Faro Games and JVH Gaming.

Commenting on the news, EUROMAT President, Jason Frost, said: “Corporate Membership is the best way to keep a pulse on the business. By joining as a corporate member, manufacturers, distributors and everyone serving the industry will gain first-hand access to information, networking and communication services that were previously only accessible to associations. This will give them a significant edge.”

 Access to pan-European industry data and country reports are also a major benefit that corporate members enjoy. With market conditions changing rapidly across Europe, having access to regularly updated European data is a business asset. Market conditions are often shaped by regulation and EUROMAT’s ability to keep on top of these changes on behalf of members is also a major benefit.

According to Eric Olders, the CEO of JVH Gaming, this is why his company joined EUROMAT: “As the Dutch market leader, we take international alignment, industry developments and information very seriously. EUROMAT is the perfect platform to connect with peers and regulators, and deal with ever changing regulation. I am thrilled that corporate membership has been created for this.”

Of course, other than knowledge, corporate members are also attracted by the market access that the EUROMAT network can offer as well as the exposure that being part of a recognized European body can bring.

For Heiko Busse, Managing Director of Crown Technologies, this is a major reason to sign up:  “Euromat represents great exposure for us. It’s an excellent platform to access the full supply chain of our industry, Europe-wide.”

Roberto Marai, the owner of Faro Games, says: “I’m a member of EUROMAT to broaden our horizons and meet other companies in Europe. Our sector is difficult to manage and we’re under pressure in several countries. We must combine our skills to find synergies so that our voice is stronger”.

EUROMAT intends to build on this early success with a recruitment drive over the next 6 months, starting with a networking cocktail at the Enada show in Rome on the 18th of October and a similar event at the Hippodrome Casino in London on the 5th of February 2018.



The European Gaming and Amusement Federation (EUROMAT) is the voice of the land-based gaming entertainment industry in Europe. A highly regulated and highly taxed industry sector accounting for more than 250,000 jobs across Europe.

The organisation was established in 1979 to represent, through its affiliated national associations, private sector operators of gaming machines and the manufacturers that supply them. Today, EUROMAT has 14 national member associations from 10 European countries, as well as two observer members from France and Hungary.

Further information on corporate membership is available here or you can contact Line Jubert on +32 476 520 273. For further information about EUROMAT, please visit www.euromat.og and follow EUROMAT on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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