Milutina Milankovića 1l, Novi Beograd, REPUBLIC OF SERBIA


President of the board: Jovo Zagorac

President: Dragan Škrbić

Vice President: Darko Živanov


 “AGOS” is unique, non-profit organization founded with the goal of improving business, creating more favorable economic environment and more efficient cooperation on the market of the Republic of Serbia in general (over 6,000 employees are employed in AGOS members companies) The most important values of each Association member are legality of business and high level of social responsibility. Our common mission is spreading awareness and educating about responsible approach to gambling and preventing addiction.

Our members do not question the principles of business legality. In our system, there are several thousand employees and we consider the people as drivers – the more we are gathered around the good mission, the synergy is stronger. We consider that the future of our industry is in the hands of all of us who jointly and activelyinfluence legal, commercial and social aspects of business. Open and transparent dialogue enables the best way to promote socially responsible practices.

One of the priorities of our association is to show best practices and promote initiatives for responsibly engaging in gambling. The game has meaning only if the player maintains control and boundaries-so that they enjoy the entertainment, have a healthy response to potential winning and perceive loss as part of the game. Every player as an individual must consciously consider time and money invested in a game, forgetting the support given by Organizers of games of chance, institutions and environment.

The industry of games of chance is an important economy sector on a global level, so the revenue it creates strongly affects economic development of society. This is why we consider that it is of great importance for every participant in this system respects legal framework, cultivates humanity as a central value and acts according to social responsibility values.

At the end of May 2022. AGOS signed a partnership and donation agreement with National Paralympic Committee of Serbia and Foundation of National Paralympic Committee of Serbia. The joint mission of the AGOS Association and the Paralympic Committee of Serbia is promotion and affirmation of Paralympic sports, and preparation for Paris 2024 Paralympic Games.


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