Silvestru Street, no 79, Sector 2, 020734, Bucharest, Romania.

President : Sorin Georgescu
Vice-President/Vice-Chairman: Ioana Bazavan
Secretary General: Valentina Dobre
Member: Gabriela Manu, Karoly Buzás, Adrian Georgescu, Plamen Valkanov


ROMSLOT is the voice of the gambling industry in Romania, bringing together the most important players in the slot machine industry, from gambling hall operators to device manufacturers.
Since its establishment, ROMSLOT continues to be the strongest voice in the dialogue with the Romanian authorities and carries out actions for a correct image of the industry. The main objectives of ROMSLOT are to streamline the regulation of slot-machine games, improvement of the reputation of the industry, but also to solve the punctual problems of the members.

ROMSLOT laid the foundations of the first and only integrated Romanian program (RESPONSIBLE GAMBLING) for education and prevention of gambling addiction as well as psychological counseling for people who have exceeded the recreational limit of gambling. Subsequently, the RESPONSIBLE GAMBLING program was embraced by the other organizations that represent players in the slot machine industry in Romania.

At the beginning of 2021, ROMSLOT launched THE TRUTH ABOUT, the most daring communication campaign of the gambling industry in Romania. Through the portal we set out to be transparent and to tell the truth about an industry that faces many prejudices, myths and controversies. The main goal is to educate journalists, civil society and the political class on the fact that the gambling industry is not just about slot machines, entertainment, gambling halls and prizes. Gambling is one of the Romanian industries that are rigorously regulated and supervised, this industry means taxes, contributions, zero tax evasion, social responsibility, consistent support for the real estate market, consistent investments in continuing education of employees.

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ELIZEU, nr.24, et.1, ap.2,
sector 1 – Bucharest – ROMANIA

President : Mr. George Niculescu
Vice President(s) : Mr. Cristian Pascu
Executive Director : Mr. Dan-Radu Vajaianu


In the 1995 year A.O.P.J.N.R. was set up and it included at that time a number of 21 gaming organizers and producers from Romania. It was the first such association occured in our country and even since its foundation it started to confront with many issues related to this new kind of economical activity.

The 2005 year represented a moment of maximum importance for us, A.O.P.J.N.R. becoming member with full rights of Euromat – European Gaming and Amusament Federation.

The A.O.P.J.N.R. purpose is its members supporting in order to unfold the activity according to the legal provisions and under the terms of efficiency and profitability.

The Romanian Association of Gaming Organizers and Producers (A.O.P.J.N.R.) includes at present 60 producers and gaming organizers from Romania who own the license for gaming machines or bingo into a hall and who represent aprox. 35% from the authorized equipment total within these areas.

The association is a Romanian legal person, of private law, without patrimony, based on the cooperation of the legal and natural persons having the license of gaming organizers or they are producers of specific equipment used in the gaming business.

The association has a professional, apolitical, autonomous character and its carries out its activity in accordance with the Romanian legislation in force, with the articles of association of the association and with this memorandum of association.

The purpose of the Association is supporting its members in order to carry out the activity in accordance with the legal provisions and under conditions of efficiency and profitability.

Within the whole activity, the Association shall follow the defending and promoting of the professional, economic and legal interests of its members.

In order to accomplish the proposed purpose, the Association carries out the following actions:

  1. a) informs periodically the members ofthe Association for knowing the technical, economic-financial and legal regulations related to the specific character of the gambling activity, including by procuring and distributing materials and documentations useful in this sense;
  2. b) facilitates the exchange of information and the collaboration between the members of the Association, on organization, administrative and technical-economic issues, in order to carry out an activity with unitary character, at the parameters of quality and efficiency imposed by the current standards in this business;
  3. c) presents proposals for using different forms of commercials and publicity oriented especially on evincing the characteristics of performance of the equipment of the Association members, being able to secure gains for players, at the level set out under the norms in force and to provide at any time the possibility of control of the game correctness;
  4. d) grants, at request, by the persons appointed or recommended by the Association, consulting services, technical assistance and, if necessary, performs extrajudicial expertise, whether to settle some issues regarding the conditions of operation and commissioning of the equipment, or to settle out the controversies with different control bodies in relation with the methods used in their actions or in relation with the wrong establishments recorded by the control documents;
  5. e) notifies the management of the competent central bodies, in the cases with frequency character in which the notified bodies of execution, avoid without reason to comply with their obligations under law in connection with the activity specific to gaming or refuses to grant support for fighting the cases of violence against the staff serving in the gaming rooms or of other deeds disturbing such activity;
  6. f) notifies, as the case may be, the notified central bodies in the financial – accounting field in the cases when the control bodies use abusive procedures in the controls performed or take repeated measures, contravening the legal provisions in force;
  7. g) performs, subject to the conditions admitted by law, the materials with legislative proposals for adopting regulations that would stipulate unitarily and concisely the obligations and rights of those working in this business, notifies the gaps and inadvertences of legislative type found in the current regulations;
  8. h) takes actions by legal ways and means for notifying the cases of unfair competition, cases of tax evasion, other practices that would prejudice the Association or compromising the activity the members of the Association carries out under conditions of legality;
  9. i) coordinates the actions with publicity character, in the interest of the members of the Association and providing their participation together with the representatives of the Association to different fairs, exhibits, experience exchange, organized in country and abroad;
  10. j) informs the members of the Association about the perspectives and possibilities of cooperation with partners in country and abroad, supports them if necessary, to perfect advantageous, profitable contracts, provides specialty consulting in different problems claimed by the conclusion of such operations;
  11. k) represents, under law, the legal interests of the members Association before the state, competent bodies, in the cases such present, by their nature, a major interest for the association or for its members;
  12. l) organizes, in compliance with the legal provisions, activities with economic character in order to obtain funds necessary to accomplish the purposes of the Association.
  13. m) the Association as representative of a large number of organizers of gambling and as a member of EUROMAT, understood the necessity of the implementation of European principles on combating addiction to gambling and to promote Responsible Gambling programs.


One of the most important achievements of the past few years, after Declaration on Responsible Gambling approach presented by EUROMAT in Maastricht, in October 2007, was the launch of the booklet “The Responsible Gambling ’’ in 2009.

A.O.P.J.N.R. make a merit of that managed by their own efforts, to print this booklet in Romanian and distributes both among the organizers of gambling and the competent authorities in the field, thus making the first step towards the implementation and our country the principles of Responsible Gambling.

Also in this context the program run by A.O.P.J.N.R. entitled PLAYER RESPONSIBLE aimed consumer information on issues related to gambling addiction and its treatment and to determine all gambling organizers work together to widespread application in daily practice principles the responsible approach to gambling.


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